PRESTO catalogue

BELGICAST BY TALIS catalogue in XHTML, Presto and BC3 format

In order to simplify the work of professionals in the building sector, BELGICAST has made the PRESTO catalogue available for use in all types of building and engineering projects. It is available in several formats according to your needs:

On-line version: direct online access, no software is required for usage. It is possible to drag items and products directly to your budget in Presto or download in BC3 or Excel format.

Presto version: the catalogue can be opened with Presto directly from the internet.

Presto download version: catalogue can be downloaded to be opened with Presto 19 or superior.

FieBdc or BC3 version: Standard exchange format between different budgeting and dimensioning programs in Spain. If you are a user of any other programme, you can download this format to import it into your software.


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