XXII Trainning sessions - Design and Installation of water transmission pipes

BELGICAST is taking part in the the Trainning sessions on Design and Installation of water transmission pipes organised by the Fundación Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, which will be held during the month of November 2022 and will be performed in hybrid mode. Most of the technical sessions will be developed online in asynchronous mode (deferred) and on 17th November there will be a face to face session within the program.

The Programme Training sessions is structured around the following 8 topics:

- TOPIC 1 Steel piping

- TOPIC 2 Ductile cast iron pipes

- TOPIC 3 Reinforced concrete pipes in sewerage and urban drainage systems

- TOPIC 4 Reinforced and prestressed concrete pipes with sheet metal jacketing

- TOPIC 5 Plastic material pipes

- TOPIC 6 Valves and complementary elements – Speaker: Vicente Sansaloni Company - Technical Sales Service Director at BELGICAST BY TALIS

- TOPIC 7 Trench installations

- TOPIC 8 Installations without trench opening and maintenance of networks

The training sessions  will cover piping in all water applications: water supply and sanitation, irrigation, reuse and desalination, drainage works, industrial applications and hydroelectric power stations.

Every Monday during November each contents of the conference will be available.

These contents will be developed in the ASYNCHRON online modality (the presentations of the topics will be made in DEFERRED), so that the attendees can organise themselves to attend the conferences when it is most convenient for them.

Each of the scheduled presentations will be developed using videos, complementary texts, photographs, etc. so that they can be followed in the most educational way possible. Before the start of each topic, a short video will be included introducing the speakers, as well as the objectives and structure of the conference.


On Thursday 17th November, a Face-to-Face Session of the Trainning session on Design and Installation of water transmission pipes will take place at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Three special conferences will be held and two round tables will be organised with the speakers of the course to be able to have a live interaction.


On 10th, 24th November and 1st December, four more round tables will be held (this time in live online format) with some of the course speakers so that attendees can raise questions and discuss the programme contents.


On Wednesday 2nd December 2022, the final session will be held with the closing session in online mode, after which the diplomas accrediting the course will be distributed.


More information and registration at https://tuberias.info/




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