New Logistics Center

BELGICAST inaugurates new Logistics Centre in Zierbana (Bizkaia, SPAIN)

A centre of more than 3,300 m2 with a capacity for 5,100 pallets, with 3 loading and unloading docks and state-of-the-art customised software.

The goal of this new logistics centre is to improve customer service in a market in which increasingly tighter delivery times are requested. For this reason, the new logistics centre has been optimised for intelligent monitoring of the goods and efficient shipment preparation. The best customer service in an increasingly changing market is a challenge for this logistics.

In its commitment to logistics outsourcing, BELGICAST has selected a supplier with whom it has already collaborated and which already acts as a logistics operator in other relevant companies. In this project they form a multidisciplinary team composed of professionals from the supply, sales, IT and production chain, with wide coordination and implementation standards.

The new logistics centre offers enough space for additional growth and greater volume of orders. The optimisation of shipping logistics, together with the most modern technology, increases the quality of service. The flow of material aims to process the shipment in the fastest and most efficient way. The system always knows where each product is located, where each item has to be taken and where it is necessary to replace it.

In addition, it is located in a strategic location for the company's exports, which are now approximately 70% of BELGICAST's turnover, being located in the Port of Bilbao. In this way, all operations are streamlined and, therefore, delivery times are optimised.

Always under the premise of continuous improvement, BELGICAST, as a leading company in its sector, is leading the way in innovation and process improvement, with customer satisfaction being always its highest priority.



Address Details

BELGICAST Internacional, S.L.

PolĂ­gono Industrial La Cruz
Parcela P-4-1
48196 Lezama (Bizkaia) - Spain
Tel: +34 94 488 91 00