MONECA Smart card hydrant standpost

MONECA™ SMART is the latest generation of networked hydrant standposts.

Designed exclusively for professionals, it is the completely secure solution for drawing large volumes of water.

This new generation system incorporates communication functions which allow remote monitoring of the metering display unit, and of usage and badge refilling.

MONECA™ SMART offers a secure alternative to unauthorised draws from your fire hydrants. It not only enables you to protect your fire-protection portfolio, it also helps to reduce non revenue water volumes.

MONECA™ SMART can be ordered either:

- without a communication modem,

- with the SIGFOX™ wireless communication modem,

- with the GPRS/3G quad band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) communication modem. Supplied without SIM card.

MONECA™ SMART can be installed on any public or privately owned site.

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